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In Field Trip 3

Working on their assignment is the last thing on couple Carla and John's minds. They've been necking and stealing secret kisses all day. Now that they have time to themselves they slip away from the others hyper-aware of each other's bodies and the enormous plot of farmland that has lots of hiding places. Carla strips her sexy young boyfriend fully naked revealing that he's very erect! Meanwhile, the naughty jock boys are forced to work in the field in nothing but their underwear while the girls In the new update of Field Trip II at CFNM.net, Ms Murphy has assembled all the students at the barn again and is ready to present them with a demonstration of the milking machine normally used on bulls. Completely naked, farmhand Joe is secured into the milking machine. His body is still gleaming with sweat from the effort of performing all his chores. Ms Murphy orders him to fuck the machine while spurring him on with an electric cattle prod. The embarrassed big buff stud shoots copious amounts of sperm in front of the amazed audience. See the full episode at CFNM.net.

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